Tech Days

Turning Wrenches Feeds The Soul

For members of the Kansas Airheads Club and the Airheads Beemer Club, a "Tech Day" is when motorcycle owners gather together to wrench on their machines. In general Airhead Tech Days happen so Airhead owners can learn from each other. Airheads are often described as "Simple By Choice" and maintaining our air-cooled BMWs is part of the fun of owning these classic machines. While the majority of required maintenance and repairs are pretty straightforward, it is comforting to have more experienced or mechanically-inclined folks around to help us through our first time adjusting valves, replacing push rod tube seals, or performing any number of tasks required to keep these motorcycles on the road.

Kansas Airheads Tech Days

The Kansas Airheads Club is small, mighty, and distributed across 81,758.72 square miles. This tends to make getting everyone together at the same place and time a bit of a challenge. With that in mind, we've been scheduling our Tech Days when there's demand as well as a good work space available. When we schedule a Tech Day it'll be posted on this website as well as on the Airheads Beemer Club's calendar. Pictures and descriptions of past Kansas Tech Days follow!

April 27, 2019

Kansas Airheads Tech Day near Lawrence, KS

November 11, 2018

Kansas Airheads Tech Day at German Auto Service

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