Fall Platte Valley Tech Day – November 7th

November 7 th, is set for our fall Platte Valley Tech Day.

As always, we’re hoping for a good crowd. As in the past, we will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday.

As we, at this time, are still continuing to deal with this Covid-19 dilemma, we need be smart about it. I have no idea what November will bring regarding the virus. However, If you feel uneasy and want to skip this session, we will all understand. Also, if you have or have had symptoms within the month prior to the Tech Day, I respectfully ask you not to attend. If you want to wear a mask, please do so. I will report, that to my knowledge, there were no Covid cases following the May 30th tech day.

For those arriving on Friday evening, we will most likely chip in and order pizza as in the past. I would appreciate hearing from you if you’re planning to attend. I want to make sure we’ll prepare enough food, so those that don’t let me know won’t have to watch the rest of us eat. Don’t worry, we won’t let anyone go hungry! We will be having slow smoked, melt in your mouth pulled pork on Saturday evening, with a bunch of tasty trimmings. Let me know if you have special dietary needs.

Project planning can be easy or difficult. Let’s make it easy. So, please let me know if you have a project you want to work on so we can have the the necessary tools available.

Alcohol is permitted and enjoyed, but respectable behavior is expected. If you want to bring your own beverages, that’s fine. I will have some, but not an abundance.

There is plenty of room for camping or there will be room in the shop.

Please contact me (Mark Nelson) at PCMAirhead@gmail.com or the MO Airmarshal, Joe Brinkmann at, moairhead@yahoo.com.

My cell number is 785-806-1879. If I don’t answer, leave a message and I will return your call. Hope to see you the 7 th of November!

My address is:
13380 State Highway N
Platte City, MO 643079

When using a GPS, enter the address exactly as it appears above.

I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.
Ride safe,

Platte City Tech Day

The Platte City Tech Day is now re-scheduled for May 30th, as the COVID-19 restrictions should have eased up by then. If you feel uneasy and want to skip this session, we all understand. Also, if you have or have had symptoms within the month of May (prior to the Tech Day), I respectfully ask you not to attend. But I sure hope to see you all to enjoy some intense and productive wrenching, as well as food, fun, and conversations around the campfire.

Here’s what will be going on:

  • Calep Howard, the Kansas AM, will be setting up cameras in the shop on the projects so that live interaction can be viewed by Zoom for those unable to attend.
    • Zoom is available for free for your PC, Mac, and smartphone. You don’t have to be a paying subscriber. It’s free to use.
  • You’re welcome to camp both Friday and Saturday nights.
  • You’re also welcome to come in anytime Friday. The shop doors will be open.
  • Meals provided will be Friday evening dinner through Sunday morning breakfast.
  • As usual, consuming alcohol is permitted as long as you act responsibly.

Here’s what I need from you, please:

  • What projects you would like to accomplish, so that we can coordinate space, tools, and information for Calep to set up the cameras
  • What meals you plan to be here for?
  • Do you have any special meal requirements?


13380 State Highway N, Platte City MO 64079


Please contact me at PCMAirhead@gmail.com or Joe Brinkmann at moairhead@yahoo.com.

If a phone call is necessary, I can be reached at 785-806-1879.

I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones!

Mark Nelson

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