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The Inaugural Airtoberfest - October 11 - 13 2019

Airtoberfest 2019 was the first annual gathering of the Airheads of Kansas. I hesitate to call it a rally as it was put together at the last minute, so for this year I consider it “Rally Lite!” We did have camping, a food truck, live music, and beer, but that’s because of the timing of the camp out. Read on to learn more about Airtoberfest 2019!

The Volland Store in Alma Kansas hosts an annual vintage motorcycle show called Time Machines. Curated by Tom Strongman, the Time Machines show is in its fourth year and features a stunning collection of vintage and rare motorcycles worthy of flying the Time Machines banner. In 2018 a few Kansas Airheads visited and enjoyed the Time Machines show. We enjoyed it so much the 2019 plan resulted in a discussion with The Volland Store owner and staff about allowing us to camp. The Volland Store team and The Kansas airheads agreed that the synergies between the show and the Club make this the perfect event around which to create an annual gathering. We’ve named it Airtoberfest and all Airhead Members and Friends of the Club are welcome to camp, take in the show, enjoy food and drink from a local food truck, listen to live music form local performers, and tell all our favorite stories about all things motorcycle! We also enjoyed amazing pastries from The Alma Bakery & Sweet Shop and this amazing beverage known simply as "beer"! No one left hungry or thirsty!

We had an excellent turn out at Airtoberfest 2019! We had members from Overland Park, Mission, Lansing, DeSoto, Geneseo, Lindsborg, Manhattan, and Alma. We also had friends of the Club from Topeka and Wichita drop in on Saturday and Sunday. The Time Machines show was stellar and the conversation was equally fascinating. This is the kind of weekend we all dream about - we were surrounded by motorcycles and riders, and each had a collection of stories to share.

Special thanks to Club member Andy Badeker. Andy lives in the Alma area and was instrumental in making this camp out happen! From his excellent chili, to the beer runs, to a highly-coveted roll of Rolaids, Andy’s contribution was above and beyond all expectations. Thank you Andy for everything!

We’re already looking forward to Airtoberfest 2020. Keep an eye out for updates to the Airtoberfest page as well the Club calendar!

Pictures from Airtoberfest 2019

3 thoughts on “AIRTOBERFEST 2019

  1. Reply
    Dan Evans - October 19, 2019

    I enjoyed last week end so much, I took the wife and rode to Volland again this week end. I wanted to show her what a neat place it is. She thought it was pretty neat too. They were having an art show. Not near the crowd as last week end!

  2. Brian Scott
    Brian Scott - December 1, 2019

    Any update on the t-shirts for this event??

    1. Calep Howard
      Calep Howard - December 7, 2019

      Hey Brian – the “corrected” shirts arrived but they weren’t printed correctly either. I am looking for a different vendor now. Thanks for checking in!

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