Airtoberfest is a gathering of friends who like motorcycles, food, German beer, live music, and Fall camping in the Flint Hills of Kansas. This event is centered around the Time Machines Vintage Motorcycle Show at The Volland Store in Alma, KS. The majority of the event planning has already been done by The Volland Store team. They're providing us with a place to camp, a place to shower, a food truck, live music, and a vintage motorcycle show Saturday and Sunday. Alma, KS is about 8.5 miles east so picking up any last-minute essentials is quick and easy. Wamego, KS is 22 miles north on Kansas Highway 99, and Manhattan, KS is about 27 miles north on Kansas 177. So, if you forget anything you aren't at all far from anything.

When & Where

Airtoberfest happens at The Volland Store in Alma, KS on the second or third weekend in October in conjunction with the annual Time Machines vintage motorcycle show. Last year's show was held during the third week of October; this year's show happened the second week. The best way to ensure you attend each year's event is to check this page and/or our Club Calendar early and often!

Plan on arriving around 12:00 noon Friday and departing after lunch Sunday so you can support the local food truck and leave on a full stomach!

The Volland Store - 24098 Volland Rd, Alma, KS 66401


Airtoberfest  around the Time Machines Annual Vintage Motorcycle Exhibit. Click over to The Volland Store website to read more about the show. A handful of Club members attended last year's show. This year that same handful talked about it again and camping was suggested. After a discussion and site visit with The Volland Store's event planner a camp out was born! Besides, and according to airheads.org, Airheads are earthy people who like to camp!

Food & Drink

We'll come up with a meal plan for Friday night based on personal preferences, discussion, and quite possibly a spirited round of Rock-Paper-Scissors!

Saturday morning your Airmarshal will provide pastries from The Alma Bakery & Sweet Shop along with coffee from our friends at Oddly Correct in Kansas City. There's always a food truck at the event Saturday and Sunday so lunch will be available on site. If the food truck doesn't appeal to you there are options in Alma, Wamego, and Manhattan. This is an informal, self-directed camp out so eat what makes your stomach and wallet happy!

If anyone is still hungry Saturday evening we will make a Saturday meal decision in the same manner as Friday!

Sunday breakfast will consist of left-over pastries, coffee, or another Rock-Paper-Scissors meal plan. Feel free to bring your favorite breakfast foods as cooking over the community fire will be an option.


The Volland Store provides us with the following:

  • Camping among the trees on the north side of the main entrance
  • Use of two showers in the building (remember to bring your toiletries and towels)
  • Port-A-Potties
  • On-Site Security

The building will be locked down between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am so if you need to take a shower or use an indoor restroom please be mindful of the time!

What Does This Cost?

The Volland Store asks for "Good Will Donations" when attending their scheduled events. Their website suggests a donation for using their facilities. To show our appreciation for allowing us to use their facilities for this weekend camp out your Airmarshal will make a donation of $250 to The Volland Store on behalf of the Kansas Airheads Club. If you enjoy yourself and find the camp out fun, please consider making a Good Will donation to your Airmashal!

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