Video Conference Technology for All Future Club Gatherings

After a successful proof of concept at the recent Platte Valley Tech Day all future Kansas Airheads Club gatherings will include the option to attend via the Zoom video conferencing app. Prior to each meeting all active Club members and friends of the Club will receive an invitation to the meeting. The invitation will include a link to the Zoom meeting. To attend via Zoom you will need to install the Zoom app on your computer, tablet, or smartphone from zoom’s website. You do not need to pay for a Zoom account to join our meetings!

When the meeting is about to start you’ll get a reminder from your calendar. Click the link to join and you’ll be added to the meeting.

While we hope this doesn’t discourage anyone from attending in person we hope it will encourage those of you who can’t make it to an event to attend virtually. We all look forward to seeing you – in person or virtually – at upcoming Kanas Airheads events!

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