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  • Fall Platte Valley Tech Day – November 7th
    November 7 th, is set for our fall Platte Valley Tech Day. As always, we’re hoping for a good crowd. As ...
  • Airtoberfest 2020!
    Airtoberfest 2020 is scheduled for October 16 – 18 at The Volland Store in Alma, KS. This year’s Time Machines ...
  • Platte City Tech Day
    The Platte City Tech Day is now re-scheduled for May 30th, as the COVID-19 restrictions should have eased up by ...
  • Our Response to the Coronavirus
    Due to the coronavirus and the declaration of a National Emergency, the Kansas Airheads Club is suspending Second Saturdays and ...

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About The Airheads of Kansas

Air-cooled BMW motorcycles are the primary reason the Airheads of Kansas have gotten to know each other, but there's more to us than just vintage German motorcycles. High on the list of shared interests is the fun we have working on our motorcycles. When we gather formally to work on our machines we call it a Tech Day. We also attend rallies, drink coffee, eat, attend live music events, and generally enjoy life by getting to and from these events on our motorcycles.

What We Do

Coffee Talk

Motorcycle riders love coffee almost as much as we love our motorcycles. Join The Airheads of Kansas at McLain's Market on Iowa Street in Lawrence for coffee, breakfast, and tales of our motorcycle exploits.


Second Saturdays

Gasoline fuels the machines, good eats and drinks fuel the riders. Join the Kansas Airheads the Second Saturday of each month at The Blind Tiger in Topeka for food, drinks, and story telling.

Tech Days

Tech Days are an important part of the Airheads Beemer Club experience. Airheads are sinple by design but require regular maintainence to stay happy and healthy. At Tech Days we focus on just that - keeping our Airhead motorcycles happy and healthy. Watch the Club News and Calendar for announcements about upcoming Tech Days.

Hang Out With Us

This isn't a Club with tight schedules, complex initiation rituals, or secret handshakes. We're just people who like to get together and do motorcycle-related stuff. If you own, have owned, are thinking about owning, or once looked at a BMW Airhead motorcycle, please consider joining us. There is no cost to join The Airheads of Kansas - you'll pay for the activities we do if you're interested in doing them. We have one, and only one, expectation of you - be good to everyone who attends our events.

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